Oh, hi Ojai // Travel // Ojai, CA

I'm headed to Ojai for business AND pleasure this week so I thought I'd reminisce a little about my last trip there. Ojai is the perfect weekend getaway. It has great food and wine, wonderful accommodations to fit all price ranges, and the nicest people you'll meet in Southern California. It has an outdoor book store and olive oil tasting rooms, a mountain for meditation and a "pink moment" at the end of most days. It is a place for artists and spiritual people, hippies and the rich and famous. I don't know if it's the weather, the eccentricities or the privacy that attracts all walks of life to Ojai, but I do know that all three make it a very special place. See below for a full list of my favorite spots to visit in Ojai. I'm sure I'll find a few more to add to my list this week.