Brian and Nicole // Engagement // Santa Barbara, CA

Sometimes a client will come to me with a very strong visual idea of what they want their engagement session or wedding portraits to look like. We will share a pinterest board and talk about concepts and styling - we may even go shopping together for props or clothes. I feel so lucky to have clients like Nicole and Brian with great personal style and creativity, who are willing to experiment and play with ideas. These types of shoots feed my soul and I take full advantage of them when they come around. 

Tyler and Madalynn // Mini Session // Santa Ynez, CA

Ahh, youth. This mini session brought me back. Way back. Remember being young and in love in the springtime? Newly tanned skin, short shorts, the smell of freshly cut grass in the air. Everything was so simple. Emotions were so intense. These two beautiful people, I'm happy to say, are nothing like I was at 18. They are so level-headed and sure-footed, it's hard to believe they are so young. Soon, they will be faced with a difficult goodbye. The kind of goodbye that puts you on different continents for a year or more with limited communication. They are handling it remarkably well. Our mini session together was intended to freeze this moment in time. To capture the affection, the silliness, the laughter and the details so that when they are missing one another, they can look at these photos and feel it all again.

They certainly melt my heart. Hope to see you when you get engaged, Madalynn and Tyler! 

Darin and Niko // Anniversary Session // Santa Ynez, CA

When Darin and Niko came to me with their request for a styled anniversary photo shoot commemorating 10 years together, through thick and thin, I was so excited to help give them photographs and an experience to remember. I immediately could relate to their story of finding one another in high school, growing apart, then reconnecting as partners for life. I have a similar story with a certain someone :)

Niko, being a photographer herself, had a pretty clear vision of what she wanted. She wanted to capture the romance of a bygone era, which would prove to be quite easy given their extensive collection of love notes and poems written to each other over the years. They also had an affinity for antique cameras and typewriters that I was pretty excited to incorporate into the shoot. We worked with hair and makeup artist Tawni Jones of 19 Blue Salon to create a classic 1950s look and pulled clothes from local Santa Barbara stores and our own personal collections. Honea Vineyards in Santa Ynez was kind enough to let us romp around their property for a few hours and it was an absolute dream! From atop a hill on their property we watched the sun set on one side and the full moon rise on the other. All-in-all, despite running up and down the hill about a thousand times, it was a pretty magical shoot.