Photo by Michael Radford

Photo by Michael Radford


I photograph people in love, places that inspire love and momentous occasions that celebrate love. However, it may surprise you to know that I’m not a textbook romantic. I am a realist who believes that we all want to be seen and understood as deeply as we see and understand ourselves. When we find someone who does that for us, it is worth remembering. I hope my photos serve as a reminder of wildly happy times - because we all need reminders sometimes.

My clients have an effortless style, which comes from within. They are planning a modern, deeply personal wedding and prefer to color a little outside the lines when it comes to traditions. They come to me because I am empathetic and kind and collaborative. I will guide you during portraits and step back and let the meaningful moments unfold as they arise. I will tie your sash in a perfect bow and pin a boutonniere on your groomsmen. I'll well up during your vows and sprint across a lawn to catch your flower girls playing in the garden. My 8 years as a wedding photographer have given me the unique ability to be flexible and present in every moment.

A wedding is a living, breathing thing with many moving parts. My strength lies in my ability to remain calm and cool throughout. I was once told I have great energy - and that was the best compliment I’ve ever gotten.

I live in Santa Barbara, CA. 
I will travel wherever, whenever.